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A lot of risk based project management software is outdated and shows a very limited innovative mindset. We believe it is time to radically change this playing field, and refocus on the current users and organisational needs. Our solution is built upon 3 strategic pillars: User Centricity, Cloud First and Open Platform. Our focus will bring your high risk projects to the next level.

User Centricity

Our workflow management solution is built around the users, from the ground up. We let the past be the past, and take a blank canvas to focus on the best for the future. This enables us to be independent of past user experience paradigms, and truly focus on the 21st century user’s needs. We follow the “form follows function” paradigm, to achieve work focus and efficiency through simplicity.

Cloud First

A software solution is only future proof when it has the ability to evolve over time. A proper solution keeps up with the increasing flexibility of users, overcomes technical and functional limitations and continuously complies with legal and security regulation (e.g. GDPR). Our SaaS architecture covers all needs and eliminates the need for internal IT knowledge to maintain any legacy solution.

Open Platform

We are here to provide the best risk based project management solution – nothing more nothing less. To allow our users to create smart internal workflows, we decided to open up our solution via APIs and plugins. We will support open standards natively through plugins (e.g. SBR and Audit files), and secure generic APIs for other customer solutions.

Who We Are

The secret to truly successful work is not just ‘technology’; it’s about working with the right people. We are a hands-on team of 7, based in Amersfoort (The Netherlands). We have the combined knowledge and experience to cover User Experience Design, Development & Testing, Strategy, Sales, Marketing and Operations. We are all passionate about the journey to make people more efficient. We’re driven by the idea that the best work is done using intuitive, efficient and fun solutions.

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