The customer is always right?

Many companies pad themselves on the back for ‘customer intimacy’. In retail and hospitality customer satisfaction is very important. Online stores like Amazon and Zalando make the difference in the ‘experience’ and customer satisfaction.
But how about employee satisfaction and employee user experience? When it comes to risk mitigation and project management the one that pays the bill isn’t necessarily the customer. And even if they are, these customers aren’t always right.
So maybe when selecting tools for workflow and risk management it’s better to aim at a high employee user satisfaction, no, at a high level of engagement.

The employee is (nearly) always right!

Today’s workforce, especially young highly educated employees have high demands when choosing a company to work for. Freedom to work anywhere, in or outside office hours, with a company owned device or their personal tablet.
When workers have to perform the same task repeatedly they become bored and are prone to make mistakes. Some companies invest in automation of tasks not because it’s cheaper than handwork but because it’s less mindless work and of higher quality.

Focudis is the right tool

At Braindumplabs we feel that it’s all about the user, whether the user is an employee, customer or business partner. That’s why the main work interface of Focudis is designed like a social network. The information you see is always the most relevant at the time and available to the right person. Because we understand how important it is for users to choose their own working equipment Focudis is available in any web browser on any device in a responsive interface. Of course security is also of profound importance to us. We create an efficient balance between usability and security.

With Focudis users are engaged in the working process. Working with Focudis is never mindless or boring. It’s even quite fun when you understand the big picture behind the tool. It will make your employees happy and in this case they really are right!

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